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1 Ironmind Captains Of Crush All Sizes!


IronMind Captains of Crush CoC Grippers Build Grip Hand Strength

What’s special about Captains of Crush Grippers?

Perfect fit with CoC compatible grip tools for maximum progress in minimum time

Knurled aircraft-grade aluminum handles, pioneered by CoC Grippers in 1995

Proprietary GR8 springs, only on CoC Grippers and IMTUGs

20-year history of product development and refinement

Precision manufacturing for gold standard performance, feel, and appearance

Made in the USA No-surprise geometry: you can count on the consistency and precision of Captains of Crush Grippers

11 strengths for a perfect fit Certification on the top-tier CoCs

Captains of Crush Grippers Workout

For best results, use your Captains of Crush Hand Grippers after you’ve done your other strength training that might require grip strength: you can either use your hand grippers at the end of your regular strength training workout, or on your off-days.

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Guide (60lb)
The Guide gets you started right, making the world-renown quality of Captains of Crush Grippers accessible to people with modest levels of grip strength. Rated at 60 pounds*, the Captains of Crush Guide is the world-class alternative to the grippers widely available in sporting goods stores.

Sport (80lb):
If you are ready to move your grip training up one more notch, the Captains of Crush Sport (rated at 80 pounds*) is perfect for you: maybe you are just edging beyond the beginner ranks, or your rehabilitation is in its second round, or you need that perfect warm-up for your sport.

Trainer (100lb):
Where serious grip training starts, this is harder to close than anything you’ll find in a sporting goods store. Rated at 100 pounds, the Captains of Crush Trainer is not a wimpy gripper, and chances are that if you’ve been lifting weights for a while or if grip strength is a part of your daily work, the Trainer will be just the right place for you to start.

No. 0.5 (120lb):
Transition to the powerhouse CoCs, the Point Five is perfectly positioned to give you the boost you need to conquer the No. 1. No more excuses . . .

No. 1 (140lb):
This is where things start to get serious because most people who lift weights cannot close the No. 1 Captains of Crush Gripper (rated at 140 pounds) the first time they try, and when you can do ten honest, consecutive repetitions with this gripper, you will already have an unusually strong grip.

No. 1.5 (167.5lb):
The Captains of Crush Gripper No. 1.5 is halfway between the strength of a Captains of Crush Gripper No. 1 and a Captains of Crush Gripper No. 2; some people can progress directly from the CoC No. 1 to the CoC No. 2, but other people find this intermediary step invaluable.

No. 2 (195lb):
If you are strong enough to fully close the Captains of Crush Gripper No. 2 (at 195 pounds), you have exceptionally strong hands, the kind of hand strength that will be at your beck and call day in and day out, whether on the job, at play, or in a life-or-death situation.

IronMind feels that closing the Captains of Crush Gripper No. 2 marks the standard of strength for top athletes as well as for elite law enforcement and military personnel.

No. 2.5 (237.5lb):
Once you have mastered the Captains of Crush Gripper No. 2, you will undoubtedly begin to think about closing the celebrated Captains of Crush Gripper No. 3.

When IronMind developed the CoC No. 2.5 in 2006, it was with the express goal of helping you get there, by giving you a bridge; strength wise, the Captains of Crush Gripper No. 2.5 is midway between the CoC No. 2 and the CoC No. 3.

No. 3 (280lb):
Closing the Captains of Crush Gripper No. 3 (at 280 pounds) is the most famous feat in the world of grip strength, and it is such an accomplishment that in 1991, IronMind began certifying people who officially achieved this landmark status in the world of grip strength.

With a reputation from Anchorage to Ankara to Adelaide, closing the Captains of Crush Gripper No. 3 is the mark of a grip master.

No. 3.5 (322.5lb):
Once you have been certified on the Captains of Crush Gripper No. 3, chances are excellent that you will be looking at the Captains of Crush Gripper No. 4 with bad intentions, and to help you close the gap, IronMind developed the CoC No. 3.5, positioning it at the halfway mark between the CoC No. 3 and the CoC No. 4.

No. 4 (365lb):
This is it, the final word in grip strength, because closing the Captains of Crush Gripper No. 4 is so hard at 365 pounds that when IronMind introduced it in 1994, we used to tell people to save their money and just squeeze a brick because that’s about what it feels like; or we would kid them and say that we could only sell them a Captains of Crush No. 4 if they had a note from their mother. The top of the ladder. Nobody has been certified on this gripper since Magnus Samuelsson in 2004–who will be next?

Additional information

Resistance All

Guide 60lb 27kg, No. 0.5 120lb 54kg, No. 1 140lb 63kg, No. 1.5 167.5lb 76kg, No. 2 195lb 88kg, No. 2.5 237.5lb 108kg, No. 3 280lb 127kg, No. 3.5 322.5lb 146kg, No. 4 365lb 166kg, Sport 80lb 36kg, Trainer 100lb 45kg


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