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Rip Your Grip Pinch Block


  • Pinch Gripping for Increasing Forearm Wrist & Finger Strength
  • This is an intermidate and advanced grip product
  • Great tool for improving your strength in lifts, holds, walks, and climbing.
  • Made with high quality European Beech with steel eyelets
  • All dimensions are 15cm wide. The 4cm thick is 11.5cm from top to bottom, 6cm is 9cm and 8cm is 7.5. If you require different dimension please let me know. Comes with 5mm cord so can be used straight out of the box!


Get a grip like a VICE! Are you stuck with your progress on pull-ups or plateaued on your deadlift, shrug, farmer’s walk, or other strongman lifts involving holds and grip? Your finger strength might be your weak spot! Pinch Block are a proven tool to improve the strength of your pinch and hold, increase hand and grip strength, and develop more muscular forearms. Even those with the strongest of hands will be challenged when using pinch blocks. Rather than curling the palm, fingers and thumb around a narrow diameter bar or handle, pinch block spreads the workload out to the extremities, thus engaging the fingers and thumbs (and deemphasizing the palm) to bear the entire focus (and weighted load) of the body weight lift, weighted shrug, or pull. The harder you squeeze, the stronger you’ll get! Attach pinch gripper blocks with the durable nylon, half rack, or wall mounted chin-up bar. Or, attach them to a barbell, kettlebell, loading pin or dumbbell to increase pinch strength while performing deadlifts, shrugs, farmers walk, and other strongman training and functional training movements. Feeling creative on back training day? Attach these to an upper pulley for a unique take on close grip pull downs or low row pulley for seated rows. The thick and durable wood means your pinch blocks will hold up for years of strength training and will always have a place in your gym bag. The textured surface also holds more chalk when used by the serious athlete for a more secure pinch grip (over similar gripping blocks with smooth surfaces). Let your imagination go wild with these grip building accessories! ng cords system to any pull-up bar on a power cage, crossfit rig

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4cm Thick 11.5cm Height, 6cm Thick 9cm Height, 8cm Thick 7.5cm Height, All 3 Sizes


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