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Rip Your Grip Rocks for Ninja Warrior, OCR and Rigs


  • Strange, I know, but actually logical when you think about it. Many Products imitate rocks but this products users rocks to make a great grip training tool.
  • Wood and metal grip balls can be useful but many find them too slippy.
  • Grip Rocks have the perfect texture to allow you to swing from rock to rock for a great grip train circuit
  • Made from Cornish Cobble stones with no sharp edges and have been tested at 150kg. An eyelet is included with a 5mm cord so can be used straight out of the box.
  • Sizes range from 50mm to 90mm (50mm, 70mm & 90mm shown in images) so you need to tell me which size/sizes you want


If you train for OCR, Ninja Warrior Crossfit or callisthenics, the Grip Rocks pull up ball line is a necessity. These sizes are good for beginners and experts alike. Their shape and ability to rotate make these pull up balls easier on your tendons and shoulders.

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