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Rip Your Grip Rolling Thunder


  • A great tool for improving grip strength with a special focus on deadlifts
  • Made with hardwood ash and sold steel threaded eyelet resulting in a great quality product
  • Has been tested at 150kg!
  • Can be attached to the our Rip Your Grip loading pin and comes with 5mm paracord to attach to any weight
  • At 60mm this is the standard version available on the market.
  • At 76mm this is the largest version available on the market. Only suitable for the strongest!


The Rip Your Grip Rolling thunder can be used for one handed deadlifts and is a great way to improve strength. The handle is thick and helps for improving overall grip. Training with the rolling thunder can help improve your overall lifting strength for the standard deadlift whilst learning to maintain an overhand grip.

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60mm (Intermediate), 76mm (Advanced)


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