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Rip Your Grip Wrist Roller Exerciser


  • WRIST & FOREARM – Wrist roller exercise to quickly improve your grip/wrist strength and endurance.
  • UK MADE – Handmade in the UK from sturdy Ash wood. 280mm long 60mm Diameter for indoor use only. Suitable for individuals with great grip strength and/or large hands
  • Works with all standard weight plates Excellent rehabilitation tool for hands and forearms Natural Wooden Handle minimize hand fatigue and provide maximum grip Perfect for training for all sports
  • Wooden Handle for a more traditional Feel, Easy Clean and Wipe Compared to the rubber foam handles which can get smelly & Mouldy. Each cylinder has been sanded with 80 sand paper for a rougher finish. This finish will be smoothed over time so you can re-sand the product at any time if it is too smooth.
  • The karabiner is included with the sale


CRUSH AND PINCH GRIP – Your crush grip is the power between your fingers and your palm. Pinch grip is the power between your fingers and your thumbs. Cannonball grips are a great way to focus on both with one tool. Strengthen your hands, wrists, and forearms with this set of Cylinder Grips.

EXPAND YOUR ABILITIES – Strengthening your crush grip and pinch grip is great for rock climbing, weightlifting, and more. These are important assets for Ninja Warrior, Climbers, Strongmen, and Power Lifters. Even if you’re not competitive or performing in events, you can still be just as strong as those guys with these Cylinder Grips.

MAXIMUM POSSIBILITIES – If you’re looking for a tool in your gym that can achieve different workouts all in one, you need this grip set. You can hang from them, do pull ups, or hand weight from them and take it for a walk. You get all kinds of possibilities with these grips, but they all lead to the same result of increasing your strength, ability, and endurance.:

INTENSE DURABILITY – These little Cylinders hold a lot of weight. You can pull, hang, and swing from them. Comes ready to use with paracords capable of taking 300kg! Invest in the kinds of workout tools that will allow you to get continuous performance results and build your strength over time. ;

  • Suspension Trainer System
  • Gymnastic Rings
  • Heavy Duty Resistance Bands
  • Battle Ropes

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35mm (Beginner), 45mm (Beginner), 60mm (Intermediate), 76mm (Advanced)


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