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Purchasing Resistance Bands

When it comes to training aggressively and safely with resistance bands you cannot rely on purchasing high quality resistance band at local retailers. Hot water dipped, moulded resistance bands are only found online through professional fitness equipment vendors. Purchasing lesser quality bands or tubes from retail stores will simply not stand up to the level of aggressive training.

How to choose the right band for you

Bands are colour coded to assist with identification. The thicker the bands the greater the resistance as detailed below. It is a good idea to purchase more than one band, for example, the X Small and Small bands are similar in cost to a Medium band but can be used together and with a harder resistance. They can also be used separately for greater exercise options. This principle can be used with all the bands, for example a Large and Small bands are similar both in cost and combined resistance to the X Large band but add diversity as they can also be used separately.

The best quality resistance bands for Pull Ups, CrossFit, Power Lifting, Stretching and more…

Continuously looped resistance band training allows you to literally train clients, yourself and large group anywhere. A park, gym, hotel room, cafeteria, hallway, or even in a small room in your home. Their lightweight construction provides unlimited resistance potential without the need for dragging around heavy dead weight equipment. Resistance band exercises use a continuously looped flat rubber band that allows you to train absolutely any aspect of fitness or performance. Flexibility, strength endurance, power, locomotion, cardio, upper torso strength, lower torso strength, and core stability are easily trained with bands and you can do it individually or in partners.



X Small Resistance Bands

65 grams, 1 cm wide; resistance level is approximately 2-7 kg. This light weight bands is ideal for small muscle groups of to add a little extra resistance to another band. Mainly used for aerobic bands, Pilates bands, rehab bands or to add a touch more resistance to any exercise.

Small Resistance Bands

119 grams, 1 cm resistance level is approximately 9-16 kg. Typically used for general strength training bands, rehabilitation bands, stretching bands, Pilates bands and explosive training bands.

Medium Resistance Bands

161 grams , 1.27 cm, but thicker than the small band; resistance level is approximately 13-23kg. This is a great middle ground for many functional training, strengthening and stretching exercises – particularly for larger muscle groups.

Large Resistance Bands

227 grams, 2.86 cm wide; resistance level is approximately 18-36 kg. This versatile band perfect for a range of workouts with our without weights. The Large band s one of our most popular bands and has several practical uses for many explosive full body exercises. Additionally, power lifters have found these bands useful for adding ascending resistances to many Olympic lifts.

X Large Resistance Bands

Resistance level is approximately 23-54kg and are widely used as CrossFit assisted pull-up bands. Also popularized as powerlifting bands. Can be used with with free weights to offer ascending resistances levels; attach the bands to weight bars, benches or squat racks for added resistance during lifts and explosive exercises. Applicable for use with or without weights. Massive Resistance Bands Resistance level is approximately 27-68kg; adds as much resistance you can take. Popular as CrossFit assisted pullup bands and weigh lifting bands. Add maximum resistance to your shrugs, squats, deadlifts, presses and other power lifts. Also widely used as explosive/plyometric training bands in addition to sprinting/speed training band.

Dead Lift Bands Large and X Large Resistance Bands

Resistance level is approximately 36-91kg Large and 47-109kg X Large; these bands are the top level of resistance bands designed for serious strength training. Add massive resistance to your shrugs, squats, deadlifts, presses and other power lifts. The X Large is the biggest band available on the market today

Single Band

Bands Resistance Levels Lay Flat Length Width
X Small 2kg to 7kg 104cm 0.64cm
Small 9kg to 16kg 104cm 1.27cm
Medium 14kg to 23kg 104cm 1.91cm
Large 18kg to 36kg 104cm 2.85cm
X Large 23kg to 54kg 104cm 4.45cm
Massive 27kg to 68kg 104cm 6.35cm
DLB 1 & 2 36kg to 91kg & 47kg to 109kg 104cm 9.5cm & 10.16cm

2 Bands

Bands Resistance Levels Lay Flat Length
X Small & Small 11kg 23kg 104cm
X Small & Medium 15kg to 30kg 104cm
Small & Medium 22kg to 39kg 104cm
Small & Large 27kg to 52kg 104cm
Medium & Large 31kg to 59kg 104cm
Medium & X Large 36kg to 77kg 104cm
Large & X Large 41kg to 90kg 104cm
X Large & Massive 50kg to 122kg 104cm
DLB Large & X Large 83kg to 200kg 104cm


We get lots of people asking this question, so here’s a guide to the best bands to use. The column down the left equates to the number of un-assisted pull ups you can currently achieve, simply follow the row across until you reach your corresponding weight category to see the best band for you to use.

Unassited Pull Ups Body Weight:

40 to 54kg

Body Weight:

55 to 68kg

Body Weight:

69 to 90kg

Body Weight:

91 to 113kg

Body Weight:

114 to 136kg

Body Weight:


0 – 5 Large X Large X Large X Large Massive Massive & Large
6 – 10 Large Large & Medium X Large X Large X Large & Medium Massive
11 – 15 Medium Large Large & Medium X Large X Large & Medium X Large & Medium
16+ Medium Medium Large Large & Medium Large & Medium X Large & Medium

Additional information


X Small (Yellow) 2kg – 7kg, Small (Red) 9kg – 16kg, Medium (Black) 13kg – 23kg, Large (Purple) 18kg – 36kg, X Large (Green) 23kg – 54kg, Massive (Blue) 27kg – 68kg, Dead Lift Band (Orange) (Large) 36kg – 91kg, Dead Lift Band (Grey) (X Large) 47kg – 109kg


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